Our Stories: Artwork with intent

Artwork by Paul Brown

“My vision is to create a community where difference is celebrated.”

Jane Brearley, Founder

Created by Paul Brown, this is an abstract representation of With Intent, depicting our tenacious approach towards building an intent community (Check him out on Instagram @paulbrownart). A successful career in illustration was cut short after health issues left him with an acquired brain injury and as part pleasure, part therapy he began working on abstract imagery.

“My vision is to create a community where difference is celebrated. Where everyone has a true voice, and one that is heard. Where we don’t shy away from uncomfortable conversations. Where we accept that constructive conflict creates the best ideas, because if we all agree, what is the point? Where empathy and trust are the foundations of our relationships with colleagues and clients. Where we step aside and give others a chance. Where we embrace life and celebrate both our successes and our mistakes.” We think, act and speak with intent.

Our founding principle is that diversity, in all its forms, creates a stronger team and more engaging campaigns. From the ground up, we are intentionally different. We may just be starting, but we have some big ideas and the determination to make them real.