Our Intent: Accountability council

“I care passionately about tangible diversity and inclusion. It is so important to me that we get this right from the start.”

Jane Brearley, Founder

Intent Health will bring together world class experts to hold the business to account across all aspects of diversity, representation, and inclusion. This is a big investment for Intent Health, but it is absolutely the right thing to do.

“I care passionately about tangible diversity and inclusion. It is so important to me that we get this right from the start. I am a middle aged, white woman. I don’t have the life experiences of others and I don’t want to build this business on assumptions. Which is why I am bringing together a group of world renown experts to challenge me and make sure we are doing everything we can to be true to our core values.” Jane Brearley, CEO and Founder.

The Accountability council comprises of:

(alphabetical order)

Shereen Daniels, the leading voice in promoting equity and equality for Black people in the workplace. “It is not often I come across Founders who are that serious and committed to super inclusion as I call it, that they are willing to build and invest in an infrastructure that is the very bedrock of their organisation. Jane is showing true commitment to spearhead and role model what a purpose driven company should look and feel like. As someone who is a cancer survivor (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) I am acutely aware of the importance of listening to a wide range of voices in health communications. I’m very pleased to be part of Janes extended team and I really feel like she will be a game-changer within the industry.”

Charlie Eckton MA MSc MBPsS. Charlie Eckton is a Business Psychologist and Senior Consultant with Genius Within. “I’m so pleased to be part of the Accountability Council at Intent Health and wish all new CEOs had the same foresight as Jane. It is a bold move to ask to be scrutinised in this way and will surely lead to social change in the sector”

Jane Hatton MSc FICPD FRSA Author and Founder/CEO of Evenbreak, an award-winning social enterprise run by and for disabled people. “I very much support the valuable work that Intent Health is doing and am delighted that it is being informed by people with lived experience of the barriers that many groups of people face.”

Reeta Loi writer, strategist, and activist. One of Forbes100 Women Founders, Reeta is Founder & CEO of Gaysians, the globally recognised platform for the South Asian LGBT+ community. “After 20 years in strategic and commercial marketing roles in leading tech start-ups and digital agencies, I’m excited to be driving positive change in the industry. It is healthy to bring our entire selves to all that we do, not a compartmentalised or censored self. Equality, inclusivity, and representation are vital for businesses to thrive and grow. When humanity and integrity sit at the heart of the organisation, you find you have a greater purpose, and not only is that inspiring, it’s a fantastic place to build, collaborate and inspire each other from.”

Rob Stephenson global campaigner and international keynote speaker regarding breaking the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace. “When Jane asked me to be part of the Accountability Council for Intent Health, I jumped at the chance. It is so refreshing to hear of a business being built from the ground up with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and a healthy work culture. It is my job to ensure that Jane and her team walk the walk both in terms of neurodiversity but also in creating a work culture that allows people to thrive. I expect that this is a model that we will see replicated in the industry and beyond and it is wonderful to be a part of the Council.”

Dan White A very proud father to my wheelchair using, award winning daughter Emily. A campaigner for carers, mental health & disability. A broadcaster, writer, columnist for several magazines, global speaker & member of the ITV diversity & inclusion committee.