Intent Health Vodcast: Episode 2 – Covid-19 & the Mental Health of Communities of Colour

As a Healthcare Communications Agency, Intent Health believes mental health campaigns should always show nuance and intersectionality. Individuals within audiences should feel seen as individuals, not a singular identity that does not represent who they are in the slightest.

Our very own Account Director and LGBT+ campaigner Alexander Leon sat down with guest Phil Samba to discuss why mental health campaigns fail to connect with Black and Brown communities in our latest Vodcast episode.

Phil Samba is the PrEPster’s strategic lead of #PrEP4QueerMenOfColour, a social activist and proud Sierra Leonean who heads The Requisite Project. This initiative facilitates meaningful conversations surrounding the HIV prevention pill between queer men of colour.

Within the Vodcast episode, Phil mentioned an important point regarding Mental Health campaigns, “This whole one-size-fits all just doesn’t work. Mental Health impacts different groups in different ways.”

Intent Health strives to produce “authentic storytelling (so,) we can continue to engage with marginalised communities in a way that can provide positive change.”

Now is the time Healthcare PR moves away from tokenism and has authenticity at the forefront of each campaign.

You can watch our latest episode on our Intent Health YouTube Channel here.