Building our community from the inside out

Intentional communication involves active listening: really understanding who you are speaking to and why. What you need are expert insights, ones that go beyond desk research. What is the real problem you are trying to solve and the community you are trying to reach?

Then, be brave. Hold a mirror up to yourself and your organisation. Does what you are trying to do truly reflect your core values and purpose? Does it withstand scrutiny from your stakeholders and the public?

Intent: Think

There is creative strength in bringing different human experiences together to bring your stories to life.

We help you find common ground and co-create a solution. We test it with you and the community. Our creative community relies on the power of the collective and the belief that inclusion and representation should form the foundations of any campaign.

Intent: Act

We launch your campaign hand in hand with the community.

We amplify your stories across the channels where they will have the most impact. We then measure meaningful change for your business and the community.

Intent: Speak

We are experts at:

Creating communication strategies that make a difference.
Understanding communities on a human level.
Turning data into intentional storytelling.
Turning the complex into relatable messages.
Co-creation, working in partnership to find a solution.
Visual campaigns and content marketing.
Crisis communications.
Rare diseases and giving a voice to unheard communities.