Slide We Think with Intent.

We deliver authentic campaigns that change behaviours and improve health.

Think. Act. Speak. With Intent.

Intent. People will only hear you if you think, act and speak with intent.

Intent. Healthcare is personal.

Healthcare is personal. As outsiders, we should not assume that we understand the intricacies of living with an acute or chronic condition. Campaigns created in a boardroom bubble will never reverberate as well as those built by a community of people with different life experiences.

Which is why we’re creating a community built on distinct life experiences, amplifying stories that really resonate with people. Stories they act on and that truly benefit patients, carers and healthcare professionals. Our founding principle is that diversity, in all its forms, creates a stronger team and more engaging campaigns.

From the ground up, we are intentionally different. We may just be starting, but we have some big ideas and the determination to make them real. There are four parts to our commitment to building inclusive foundations.

Compassion. Bravery. Honesty.
Let’s work with intent, together.

Our intent in action: Our commitment to our clients, our community and our partners.

We are committed to increasing the diversity of voices in health communications. This means working hard to find talent in unexpected places and working even harder to ensure that people have the space and support to grow. This will cost us time and money. That is the point, very few things that are free are worthwhile.

It is our vision to create a community where we celebrate difference, and everyone feels empowered and safe.

Building our community from the inside out

Jane Brearley, Founder and CEO.

“When you talk to people about health, and they can’t hear you, nothing changes.”